Zoe saldana dating orlando bloom

In addition, the same actors appeared in «Avengers: Infinity War» (2018).

Between 2 parts of comics adaptations, Zoe played a dramatic role in the movie «Live by Night» (2016) by Ben Affleck and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Zoe was born in the family of Asalia Nazario, a Puerto Rican, and Aridio Saldana, a Dominican.

The company of Gamora, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), a raccoon and anthropomorphic tree impressed the audience, so in 2017 the second part of the adventure movie «Guardians of the Galaxy» was released.In the movie adaptation of a crime novel Sienna Miller and Ben also starred.In 2010, Zoe Saldana starred in the advertisement of Calvin Klein Envy Underwear.The second project was the science fiction James Cameron’s «Avatar», recognized as the most expensive movie in history.The protagonist, wheelchair-bound marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) got the opportunity to participate in a military experiment: to become an «avatar» to travel to the distant planet Pandora to ingratiate himself with the local Na'vi people and take away their valuable resources.

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