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She has two older brothers and three younger brothers, one of which is also a dancer and underground rapper along with her younger sister and last brother.She has one maternal aunt and several paternal uncles.Kirkland faced personal and financial struggles at an early age and experienced even more poverty when her mother, Tara, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which often led Kirkland to struggle in school as she had to care for her siblings and see her mother back and forth in hospitals from procedures.Both her parents had separated when she was a young child, but Lil Mama always maintained a close relationship with her father, visiting him consistently.Lil Mama is a third generation of West African, Trinidadian, and Jamaican descent and the third born child.Being the oldest daughter, she got her nickname "Lil Mama".Her family became homeless and their mother had moved her and her siblings into a shelter due to poverty at the time.

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Working with producer and fellow judge Randy Jackson, she served alongside JC Chasez, Shane Sparks, Mario Lopez, and Layla Kayleigh.She got the opportunity to perform a tribute to the late rapper at the 2013 American Music Awards performing the Grammy Award winning song "Waterfalls".Lil Mama continued to remain in the public eye, returning to music, making new tracks with fellow rapper MC Lyte on her single "Ball".Her mother was a talented singer and her father Allen Brunner was a musician and DJ.Lil Mama decided to explore her talents further when she took interest in the Rap Culture, and from then on she continued to perfect her talent in rapping and managed to become an avid free-stylist.

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