Who is kim noorda dating

But I was feeling adventurous at dinner with Justin, so I said "we should go play in the fountain." At first he was a little hesitant, with a blank stare and "Seriously? We looked a little funny waiting in the lobby with our swimsuits and towels at 9pm. On the way there he said "This is the craziest thing I've ever done".

I responded by saying "Yeah, well I have a feeling we will do even crazier things as time goes on. When we got to the fountain we set our stuff down and took our shirts off and walked towards the fountain.

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Then we will be back here around this time tomorrow. Until then, Tristan I apologize for the entry I posted last night (that has since been deleted).It was intended for my other blog and I didn't realize I posted it here until this morning.To make up for it, I decided to do an entry on a topic I had considered avoiding completely, but think it could be beneficial to get your opinion on.He started out by blocking one of the shoots of water with his hand, getting me soaked. It hurt like hell, but the fact that I got to hold his hand made it worth it. He also mentioned that he wanted to dye his hair bright green.I grabbed his arms and pushed him towards the center where he was laying back against the heightened part in the middle of the fountain, soaking him (The perfect movie moment would be to push him back until I was on top of him, then kiss him. After our "Wet Expectations", we sat on a bench to dry off. He told me he hated purple (which Mikey told me was his favorite color on me). I told him that he should and then "now was the time to experiment".

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