Who is josh henderson currently dating

But since he has neither confirmed nor denied the claims, we believe he is straight.

He also owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills by the name The Flats Restaurant.

On the 2007 edition of Teen Choice Awards, Josh told popular website Just Jared that he has been working on a solo album for three years now: "Still doing Desperate. I've been working at my music for the last three years.

Trying to get a single on the radio before Christmas." Henderson also appears in the music video for the Ashley Tisdale single "He Said She Said" Henderson is known for dating pop singer Ashlee Simpson.

star, who is currently single, says his job makes relationships hard because he has little control over his schedule, reported Femalefirst. being in this industry and being a visible part of it makes it tough.

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He grew up with his mom and two younger sisters Hannah and Chelsea Henderson in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he attended Tulsa Memorial High School.Recently he was asked on if he’s still in touch with any of his former Scene 23 bandmates: “Dorothy is a good friend.Laurie a little bit but Donovan and Monika, I haven’t seen.” He joined the cast of in fall 2006 as Austin Mc Cann, the 18-year-old nephew of Edie Britt, portrayed by Nicollette Sheridan.In 2016, she played the breakthrough role of Lacey in the comedy TV series “WTH: Welcome to Howler”.Recently, she landed in the supporting role of Laurel Samson in the comedy movie “A Christmas Switch”.

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