Who is cristiano ronaldo currently dating 2016 dating relationships and friendships are the

Ronaldo's girlfriend has been busy raising the four kids and keeping up with the 32-year-old star's hectic schedule.The couple was recently in Abu Dhabi before the holidays and spent Christmas together with their families.In good times and in bad times, because there couldn't be any other way.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez know how to make it work but it's on their terms."I want to personally thank the hospital for the impeccable attention they've given us before, during and after the labor.I also want to thank our family and friends for the calls, messages, visits, and thoughtfulness they've had with us over the past couple of days."Rodriguez quickly got back to her old routine and was at the gym less than two weeks after giving birth.The former sales assistant shared that it was "love at first sight" when she met Ronaldo three years ago at a Gucci store in Spain.A couple of days later they ran into each other at another event, and the rest is history."What I feel for him is stronger than anything, any kind of pressure.

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