Who is bridget regan from legend of the seeker dating

According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Regan’s net worth is as high as million, quite decent don’t you think?

She is also quite active on Twitter, with over 75,000 followers, which she has used to promote her career, announcing the newest episodes of the popular series “Jane the Virgin”.

) of Terry Goodkind’s novel ‘The Sword of Truth.’ She portrayed the character of The Mother Confessor in the television series and was sworn to protect with her life Richard Cypher or The Seeker of Truth (played by Craig Horner) in the film.

Beyond this work, the actress has an impressive filmography and profile which will constitute what we will write about her below.

The duo welcomed their first child, a girl named Frankie Jean, on 27th December 2010.

Their daughter is all grown up now and we must admit that she looks just as beautiful as her mother.

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