Who is ayumi hamasaki dating

Before making her debut with avex, Hamasaki attempted to enter the entertainment industry in many ways.

She moved to Tokyo alone at the age of 14 and took up modelling with the talent agency SOS, but she was considered to be too short to a professional model.

However, unaware that Velfarre was owned by the music giant avex trax, Ayumi was introduced to Max Matsuura by a friend who worked there.

Ayumi had no clue what avex trax was and when Matsuura claimed he was a producer, she was suspicious and sceptic.

Her mother left her to distinguish what was right and what was wrong and let her walk on her own rules.

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Ironically enough at this present date, this album is highly sought amongst her fans nowadays and is sold at ridiculously high prices.

She is the ultimate icon of fashion and music in Japan, is known as the “Empress of J-Pop” and is considered the Asian equivalent of Madonna.

Consequently she is one of the most popular and influential artists ever to appear in Asia.

Despite the fact that Ayumi Hamasaki is a petite 5′1″ singer, she’s a huge legend all over Asia.

Apart from being a singer, Hamasaki is a fashion leader, an actress, a model, a spokeswoman, a composer and songwriter.

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