Who is andrew vanwyngarden dating

But it seems like he's really sharp about that and knows how to stay on top of it. There was speculation as to who was in it and if it was a side project of some other band. One girl really ran with that idea and started messaging the Myspace thinking that it was Andrew Van Wyngarden. She would always just be like, "Hey Andrew, remember me? You know it can't be me." She was convinced that I was an impersonator who had been hired to pretend I wasn't Andrew Van Wyngarden, and that the songs were clearly about her.

And that's always very touching to read, especially if someone messages the Facebook and if they have very sweet things to say about my music and its correlation to their personal lives.And it's funny because you have all these things intertwining. But yeah, I've had some very positive experiences going on dates as a result of Raya -- it just seems like a different dating pool than Tinder where the only criteria is literally mileage in terms of distance.I want to get rid of my Facebook, but Tinder won't work without it. But I image a future where you go to the bank and they say, "You can't access your account unless you have Candy Crush." The interconnectivity of things is getting ridiculous, especially when things like toasters are starting to have Bluetooth in them.Sometimes they're not even making a face; sometimes they just send me their face.Or a weird stationary video selfie where some girl is just standing in her living room, or someone will send me a Snapchat of an ant crawling across a table, which is where I get to the point where I'm just like, "Do we need that platform?

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