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A mindset that is ready to label a billion Indians “gracious, social creatures” is just as capable of labeling them smelly beasts.Stereotyping robs a person of his individuality; does it really matter if the mugger is smiling or spitting as he’s relieving you of your valuables?I’m Indian-American, and I can safely say that a) my own experience differs greatly from what you’ve written above, and b) I would describe every aspect of my culture that you’ve arrogantly written about QUITE differently than you do.And I am amazed that a number of people (including many many Indians) seem to find nothing wrong with this piece.(Inflect Solutions photo) An Indian American entrepreneur and his friends were subjected to hate-filled invective Feb.

Disagreeing with her shouldn’t equate to blasting her and making a mockery of the person or their thoughts.

If you have an India and an internet connection, you’ve probably seen Andrea Miller’s Huffington Post article “How to date an Indian (advice for a non-Indian)” based on her relationship with a man from New Delhi.

An excerpt: Before getting to “how,” let’s start with “why.” There are obvious reasons one would want to date an Indian, such as how successful and professionally desirable they are.

Both these incidents occurred in the sanctuary cities of Boston and Seattle,” he wrote.

Sastry began secretly taping the racist rant, and later posted the video to Facebook.

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    And sometimes breaking out of our comfort zones makes us realize we do want to try that again. That one moment your entire social status in high school was up for debate. Would she destroy her opponents or make the world a more bearable place? Sometimes we lose track of friends but we never lose track of how they made us feel.

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