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So basically nodes, elements, attributes, and such. So it does require that you read all of the text in. This requires more memory management on your part (you must keep that string alive while Rapid XML is looking at it). But the two projects have diverged, with Pugi offering more features, while Rapid XML is focused entirely on speed.

You need to read documents that are measured in the have to read the entire file into memory all at once in order to process it.What it does deal with is parsing that into a series of C data structures that you can access. It requires you to do a lot of explicit memory allocation of string names in order to build its DOM. Performance is still important, but you want something a little less direct.And it does this about as fast as it takes to scan the file byte by byte. Like most XML parsers that don't care about the XML specification, Rapid XML doesn't touch namespaces, Doc Types, entities (with the exception of character entities and the 6 basic XML ones), and so forth. It does provide a kind of string buffer, but that still requires a lot of explicit work on your end. You have chosen: Pugi XML Historically, this served as inspiration for Rapid XML.Since the C standard library does not have a library for this, what should I use?Note: This is intended to be a definitive, C -FAQ-style question for this. I did not simply appropriate those other questions because they tended to ask for something slightly more specific. Just like with standard library containers, what library you should use depends on your needs.

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