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Here is a code snippet to do just that, from a VSTO project: (); list.

So if all you wanted was a Drop Down with “suggested” choices, you could just disable the error alert, and you would have a cell with a Drop Down, where users could still type any freeform text they please.

It allows us to select an option from the dropdown list. NET provides a tag to create Drop Down List for web application. We are creating Drop Down List by using Visual Studio 2017. We have added more items to it and now, it looks like the following.

Now, we will add a new Drop Down List by dragging it from the toolbox. Now, to add items to the list, visual studio provides Items property where we can add items. Click on the items (collection) and it will pop up a new window as given below. It provides add button to add new items to the list.

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You have noticed that 2 extra attributes are added in the html output: data-val and data-val-required.

With Drop Down List For, you typically want a view model that will contain at least 2 properties: - one property to hold a collection of Select List Items to build the drop down - one property to hold the value selected by a user ..

will give you this in a browser: The constructor for a Select List wants you to identify the data field and text field using strings ("Id" and "Name").

You'll see this behavior because Drop Down List For will peek in Model State to see the last value for Selected Flavor Id, and build the drop down list with the last selected flavor marked as selected.

It's the same magic Web Form programmers see with View State.

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