Validating and improving test case effectiveness

However, since conventional evaluation systems evaluate test cases based on equal standards, it is difficult to evaluate the test cases based on specific standards appropriate for the usable environment of the device driver.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new technique of evaluating the error detection capability of a test case used for a program test.

A program test includes executing test cases on a test target program and determining if the test target program is properly embodied based on the execution result.

Provided are a method and apparatus for evaluating the effectiveness of a test case used for a program test on the basis of error detection capability.

The method includes: receiving a target program used for evaluating the effectiveness of the test case; generating an error program by inputting errors to the target program; detecting the errors by executing the test case on the generated error program; and calculating evaluation points of the test case using a ratio of the number of the detected errors to the number of the input errors.

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