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Regardless, you shouldn't have to supervise your man. You're part of the problem.) Understand that gaining affection should not be a competition.He's an adult, and he should know how to let a woman know to keep it moving because there's nothing there for her. You'll probably never be his main chick and you're selling yourself short by continuing to be a side-piece. Understand that there's room for all of us to find something and someone worth having.Web Company is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.Web Company does not take responsibility for any user-reviews of websites inside its resource and reserves the right to keep or remove those.I kind of always wanted to be an Elvis specialist."On working with Lancôme: "It's very interesting to see that they're aiming to have women with stories and substance be faces of the brand ."On feminism: "I don't hate men.People sometimes have misconceptions about the idea of feminism.11, a vote that was a stunning setback for the President.

I never would have known back then that I needed a nose job."On how fashion has changed: "Fashion is now part of pop culture.

A champion who is confident in themselves never breaks a sweat over another person who practices the same craft, because they already know what they bring to the table.

There will always be somebody smarter than you, somebody prettier than you, somebody richer than you, funnier than you or sexier than you..here's where they fall short--they're not you. There is no one like you, and until you start believing that, you will fail to recognize that feeling competitive over anybody's attention is not a natural response to ordinary behavior concerning love, but actually a reflection of your own insecurities. Here's the thing-- If he has a wandering eye, you should wander to another man who doesn't care to look away, because he loves what he sees when he's looking at you.

(Side note: Can we, as women, stop doing that shit, please? I don't care if he's hitting you up and acting all kinds of interested, you're an adult. Understand that a man's love should come to you, and only you, wholeheartedly and completely, without the intent of pitting you against other women.

Understand that at the end of the day, ladies, we're on the same side.

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