Updating xperia play

Of course, that extra bulk is necessary to house its defining gaming pad – and the unit's concave rear proves surprisingly ergonomic, but it also belies some flabby tech inside.The Arc's muscular innards are largely absent here.This has been driving me nuts because it seems like Sony is acting as irrationally as possible.I wasn't into mobile phones, or even Sony, when the Xperia Play was released, but I think it was support that ended up crippling any future plans or updates for it.Why does Sony waste its time with the Vita and compete in a crowded smartphone space when it could easily create new market share by creating a true phone / handheld gaming hybrid?What kind of gamer actually wants to carry a separate controller peripheral around at all times?

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The original Xperia Play was a great concept, but has obsolete hardware by today's standards.Although understandable, the most obvious concession is nonetheless disconcerting.At 119 x 62 x 16mm and weighing 175g, the Xperia Play is the obese gaming couch-potato sibling of the svelte Xperia Arc.I think the issue right now is battery life, people don't want to kill their phone that quickly to play games.So, they have a phone with a few games for short stints, and those that want extended hand-held get a Vita/Gameboy.

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