Updating psp through ps3

FMCB v1.966, OPS2L 0.9.3 official beta r1357 through USB\PS2HDD, ESR r9b, SMS 2.9 r.4, GSM 0.38, POPStarter Revision 13 RIP 06.Sony has unveiled the latest firmware updates for its two flagship systems and both bring with them a wealth of useful additions.

2.80 features a download function for downloading images using the RSS Channel, the ability to play AAC files in .3gp format and compatability for another demo.

While no solid proof of it being anymore than a means to crash the PSP, it may be promising.

Currently, no one is even sure if this is an exploit (in the form of a buffer overflow in libtiff, considering thats what firmware 2.01 was released to fix), but debate rages on.

The firmware is updatable through the PSP Wi Fi, direct transfer or through a UMD.

When the PSP was launched in PAL regions, it included a Sampler UMD containing several game movies and demos as well as the V2.00 firmware.

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