Updating pivot tables with new data seattle on line dating

Make a change to the source data and see if it is reflected in your pivot table. The keyboard shortcut to toggle a breakpoint on/off is: Now whenever an action occurs that triggers the macro, Excel will jump to the VB Editor and pause the macro so that you can check the code.

If your change isn’t easy to spot because you have too much data, or for some other reason, there’s another way to see if your macro is firing. In our case, that action is any change being made in the worksheet.

You might need to save & close the file, then re-open it and enable macros.In the VB editor, you can click on the gray column just to the left of your Worksheet_Change macro. You can then press to run to the end (or next breakpoint).If you make a change to the worksheet and Excel doesn’t pull you into the VB Editor, you know there is a problem with the macro not running.If your pivot table and source data are on the same sheet then you will need to add code to disable events.The refresh puts the event in a recursive loop, and can end up crashing Excel. One way to check if the macro is working is to test it.

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