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Once you replaced URLs and table prefix you can run your query.In order to run it, press GO button which is located on the bottom right.In my case I prefer to use php My Admin which in my view is much more stable than an orphaned plugin.While writing a blog post this morning, I had to fire up php My Admin to check on some stats and also to perform a couple of changes to an author name and the comments name.To change the theme, edit the php file (/Assets/MAMP/bin/php My Admin/php) and scroll down to around line 494, at least in my copy.Many users of Textpattern like to use rss_admin_db_manager to tweak or update their sites.Word Press stores My SQL database name and credentials in file. In this case name of our My SQL database is ptsk6_wp649.You can find in your root Word Press file directory. You can find php My Admin under databases section in your control panel.

You just learned how to change Word Press URLs in My SQL database using php My Admin.

If the query was executed successfully, you will see a green success message: Note that number of rows will be different for each Word Press website.

In order to verify changes open wp_options table and check your home and siteurl values.

If you have not yet moved Word Press to a different folder, you can do so by following this tutorial.

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