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If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello.Check out all our database development sessions at OOW19 Thanks for the question, Michel.This is most inconvenient since there is a lot of sql scripts launched.So the question is : is there a way to force Oracle to write in the spool file while each script is executed OR as soon as a transaction have been completed ?All the best, spool uses buffered file io (eg: like the C fopen, fwrite, fread functions provide).The OS buffers this information, typically in 8k chunks.

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even though you could do it on unix forever -- no one actually *did*. you'll have to use the mapped 8.3 dos filename instead. Thus...spool sql_test1.logselect to_char(sysdate, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24: MI: SS') BEGIN_TIME from dual;set SHOW_OUTPUT_IN_SPOOL_FILE=FALSE-- I don't care about seeing the query RESULTSselect count(*) from dba_objects;set SHOW_OUTPUT_IN_SPOOL_FILE=TRUEselect to_char(sysdate, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24: MI: SS') END_TIME from dual;spool off......... and then execute it.problem iam facing : when i spool i even get the above query with i am not able to execute the file .I hope that Oracle would consider this sometime in the future...March 25, 2003 - pm UTC The only way to get an enhancement request into the system is to develop a business case for it and file it as an official enhancement request using metalink.-- the Oracle support web site.You can use this to monitor your scripts in the database.Justselect module, action, client_infofrom v$session where username = 'USER';to see this information.

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