Updating interior doors

However, there is nothing wrong with the current doors other than their dated look. We are going to use mouldings to create the look of a raised panel door. During the basement demo we saved the oak door trim and baseboards.

Plus it seems like a waste to just add to the landfill. These will be our mouldings to update the interior doors.

My dad is a contractor and for years has sworn by this paint, so that’s what we use, but beware that it’s very pricey.

In order to make the paint thin enough (because it’s oil based paint), I mixed a little thinner into each canister in the Finish Max Paint Sprayer so that it came out evenly.

Currently we have some old hollow core slab style doors, 5 of them to be exact, and well they are tired and dating looking.

The Paint Sprayer helps me paint easily without brush strokes, so I HIGHLY recommend this if you’re planning to paint your interior doors (or any furniture type projects really).

I’ll share the FULL hallway reveal later this week, but in the meantime, let’s look at the details on how to update the interior doors.

Remove the doors and all of the hardware from the doors.

I let each side dry between coats and each door got two coats on each side (four total coats).

In between coats I’d have issues sometimes with bugs landing in the wet paint.

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