Updating blackberry 8830 software

All solutions provide coverage for loss, theft, physical damage and mechanical or electrical breakdown.

My Blackberry 8830 may now be a paperweight from trying to update the software.

then hopefully you'll at least get a JVM507 message... Last time I did this, I ended up having to re-install desktop manager, too.

If you do, the (or app loader) will work to re-load the code. That was only because I had used DM to update my pearl and then tried to update my friends 8830.

Up until that point, my phone was working just fine.

Nominally RFC 1945 and RFC 2068 define them (get RFCs) but only as an afterthought (the RFCs define HTTP 1.0 and 1.1).Soon after the process started, it hung up for 30 minutes, and since the Black Berry screen was stuck on "Connecting to Desktop", I jiggled the USB connection a little bit to see if that would work.I have had intermittent problems in the past probably because the phone is old, and I don't always get a reliable connection (when recharging or tethering).Been wondering if the Black Berry Smartphone you already own will be getting the OS 5.0 update everybody keeps talking about?We knew there would be a cut-off somewhere down the road of older device models and it turns out we were pretty spot on with our hunches.

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