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at thla oharming iitav in ordar that tho aperta may bo nn Udiad In good time, tha Said avaata aro to eemmoneo aharp at 1 o'clock. ., 12th Haavy Vailory, whioll will traih at leeal liead«iia Har») will go lato flajap far aaaual traialac at Fort Maaaalar fraaa -Aatarday. iac^uatva^ All r Hnk^ win aaiwrm ble at oamp ta d MMT oqulpment bcfor..

hut Ihrwe will no that the fulleot opportunity niny bo a JTnrdod tho vialtora to enjoy the loeatloa.

}erman reparations, can be incorporated to protect France. Paleatine if ila to \ .1 ' ' Hkely admlnlatratlen, it hi thought that he would not aadaavar to carry log throng. Arixons, on which (he c'vanccjlst rode, It isln K- session Friday afternoon of the sixth annual convention. oi the u.n ci nor-( .eneral to prerogative the within It is election.

— patrh repfirts a severe eartnr4uake lasting more thaa a miauts, tbe Arst shoek aoailag st f :•• o'aloah ts Algkt. Mtk- I V i aa'ttae leading Isaue before the 2»th annual oenvontloa of tbe SUonlat organisation of Anearlea which opens .•OKle ,1 The Angalua Temple pastor 8teppo Me liay that the Nanoose Lumber Company plant Is I her followers of the I'our Hiiuare Gospel Creed. giag rallwsys are eperatoni will proceed with uonatnic- Such (fcneriil- ofi rinin As the milling, sobbing multitude.' train rolled In from Douglas. w,4a for this ttt refu-d has already asked for dissolution and been there is no confirmation, oovrramrnt Bcfo«. To Ber Congregation With the conjunction of the Canadian and Amdrloan national holidays, opportunity haa been taken by a number of logging and lumbcrlns interaata on the Island to shut down for In aome cases thefe will this week. tiovcrnor- General's Position Governor-General Reports are that Premier Kinir is askinp i J*p thus 1,,,,,.: ihout^a general to grant di-^solu'i'-n "f r.-itliamrnt an.!

Dccreaalns Value of tihips The incident arose during a discussion on the as* of warships; it was r«al^ a eiai Oi between tha French and Brltlah experta. Brlaad andaavored to include him In hla new cabinet^ but he declined to morning.

Tho aiiuatle nvents will follow on Rrent TTOod Bnv .a 4 o'ol««k Th uttend ' Pmiimm OHki&U OTTAWA.

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chief of the development work of tha Canadian n Nllkr Ral Hray's Depottmant of oolonlaatlon and developmottt, haa vlilt- Vicinity^ |i Y«g

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