Teyana taylor and drake dating 2016

"There are a lot of dumb girls who would forgive the friend and stay with..." Williams boldly pointed out after revealing to the audience Taylor's betrayal.

"She had a best friend who slept with her man, ok," Williams revealed.

Early this morning, the rapper posted a pretty cutesy photo of him snuggling up and holding on to Teyana Taylor pretty tight, while kissing her on the cheek.

While there hasn’t been any major spotting of these two to cause for most to suspect anything was going on between them, last night an interesting Instagram post by Drake has pretty much put the rumors into motion.

I was like “Tae, lower your tone, it’s okay.” Because when you’re friends with somebody, you’re more hurt and disappointed than angry…

Brandon must have watched Wendy Williams like everyone else because the baller took to his Twitter account to blast Teyana for lying about how Tae “stole” him… Hit the flip to see what else Brandon had to say about his ex next…

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Heckard also starred in Keyshia's Cole's 2012 "Trust And Believe" music video, where ironically, she portrayed the best friend who was sleeping with Cole's man behind her back.

These two were actually engaged but things turned sour when Teyana caught wind of him allegedly being involved with her former best friend, model Tae Heckard.

Jennings even went public with Heckard just three days after his last conversation with Taylor, claiming that it was his “first real relationship.” SMH.

With a stream of high profile features and a GOOD Music signing under her belt, Teyana Taylor is one powerful female.

Here's what you need to know about the singer, actress, dancer and entertainer.

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