Starview 2 updating

save the keys for 00 and then insert the keys for 01change both keys 00, and key 0.7) Exit this menu on the starview box and on the previous menu you would make sure the EMU is on.

This should update the Starview box and it should work fine.

Hi, I've read through the various threads and searched, and can't find a solution to the problem I'm having - I've got a Starview 4 USB clone which has been running fine on v1.07 of the firmware, but I have started having the same problem with missing channels as posted in various other threads.

I have been through the factory reset, emu menu, etc.

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Works only from the clean DOS, in the absence of memory managers expanded memory, such as HIMEM/EMM386/QEMM.

Cheers, Spacerat Yes your issue for the moment is firmware related and V1.12 is the only way of fixing it for now, (soon V1.12 will be useless also).

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However, given that it doesn't work, and in a short while will be completely useless, I don't suppose there is really much to be lost by trying out v1.12. As for contacting the original vendor, he was a complete tosser when the thing started with the 8882 error, and when I suggested they may be cloned boxes he just ceased all communication.

But as boomer and you have now said V1.12 will kill a clone box.

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