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I appreciate the others' responses, however this was excellent and exactly what I was looking for.I'm sorry for the awkward question, I'm just too much of an over-thinker and I wanted to make sure that things don't move too fast or something like that.r/sex is for civil discussions about all facets of sexuality and sexual relationships.If the current relationship ended and I started dating again, I imagine I'd jump to sex a lot quicker.When I was 16 I dated a girl for 5 months of just making out (it was about 2 months in when our hands explored, but never more than that).

When I first started dating, many years ago, it would be 4 months (to even a year in one case) before having sex.

I'm a 20 year old male (not very experienced)I just had a brief question for you all.

What is the general timeline or sexual progression in your relationships? On the second date - french kissing and on the third date - second baseetc... Note - if you know someone for years and finally realized that you two are compatible in terms of a relationship It's all personal really.

although I regret not talking to my first girlfriend about it because she was holding back since she was my first romantic relationship. It felt totally normal because we were crazy for each other. It's your partner offering something and giving you an opportunity for feedback about what you want. With my current girlfriend, we went out several times with only light touching on her body.

She didn't want to move to fast for It depends on the girl. There was no pressure involved or anything like that. One last thing: many times, if she resists your escalation, it doesn't mean "no", it just means "not right now".tl;dr just go make things happen and course correct as necessary. Fourth time we went I got a hug, and a reluctant one at that. Next two times, third base, and then on the 8th meeting, we had sex for the first time. At first, I'd only see her once a week or so, so it seems really drawn out.

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