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FILE - Demonstrators hold placards reading"Harassed it is no“, “In France a rape every 8 minutes“ and “Together let us break the silence", during a demonstration in Marseille, southern France, Sunday, Oct. (AP Photo/Claude Paris) The government of France announced new measures against sexual wrongdoing Wednesday, including fines for sexual harassment.It also extended the time limit for rape accusations.

The study was done by the international market research group, IFOP.

Women more often cited chocolate or strawberries and men more often plumped for meatier options like foie gras and steak.

Asked to choose between cutting back on sex or cutting back on food, female poll respondents were more willing to do without the former than men, according to Harris Interactive, which surveyed 1,000 adults on March 18-20.

However the new laws have critics, including one of the country’s most famous actors, Catherine Deneuve.

Many argue the laws will destroy the search for love and sexual relationships. When speaking last year to Reuter’s news agency, she said, “Some say we will kill the culture of the ‘French lover’ if we punish street harassment.

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