Sex dating in tomah wisconsin

Madison police are aware of Jeffrey's alleged traffickers, because they are registered sex offenders.They had search warrants and phone records, but the process to prosecute suspects of sex trafficking, is different than charging someone as a sex offender."He was being trafficked from Madison to Iowa."At the time, she wasn't sure if Jeffrey was prostituting himself, so she worked closely with Madison detectives to determine whether he was sex trafficked.According to Madison detectives, Jeffrey did admit he was ordered to have sex.Three new bills introduced by the state assembly intend to help with this issue.

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Three months after Jeffrey's death, Lisa learned he was sex trafficked.It also states the prosecutor does not need to prove the person paying for sex was aware the survivor was under 18.These bills are still pending and are waiting to be passed in the senate.Which means disclosing any and all information won't be used against them.Another bill will make soliciting a sexually explicit photo, recording or representation from a minor, a crime. The final bill increases the penalty for having sex with a person under the age of 18 from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 1 felony.

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