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Industries: Food processing, textiles and clothing; lumber, oil, cement, chemicals, mining, basic metals, hydropower.Exports - commodities: textiles and footwear; asphalt, metals and metallic ores, crude oil; vegetables, fruits, tobacco.Map of the Mediterranean Political Map of the Mediterranean. News Agencies TIR-FAX Albanian Independent News Agency. Library National Library of Albania Biblioteka Kombëtare e Shqipërisë Theater Albania National Theater Official website.Map of the Balkan Peninsula Political Map of the Balkans. News and newspapers in Albanian 24-ore 24-ore online. Albania, a formerly closed, centrally-planned state, is making the difficult transition to a more modern open-market economy.Albanian Government - Keshilli i Ministrave Official website of Republic of Albania, Council of Ministers. Ministria i Punëve të Jashtme Ministry of Foreign Affairs website with general information about Albania.Statistics Instituti Shqiptar i Statistikes Albanian Institute for Statistics.The agricultural sector, which accounts for almost half of employment but only about one-fifth of GDP, is limited primarily to small family operations and subsistence farming, because of a lack of modern equipment, unclear property rights, and the prevalence of small, inefficient plots of land.

Administrative Map of Albania Map showing the administrative divisions of Albania.Constitution: Adopted by popular referendum 28 November 1998.Independence:28 November 1912 (from the Ottoman Empire).List of Albania television (TV) channels with worldwide distribution via satellite or cable and internet television provides real-time coverage of the ongoing events, news, movies, sports, music and more in Albanian and the world.A virtual guide to Albania, a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe with a coastline at the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea in west (both portions of the Mediterranean Sea).

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