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San Marino, however, offers something for every wallet.

The minute you arrive in the Old Town, the pleasant smell of the leather products sold in many stores hits you, trying to lure you inside. We are budget travellers and always look for the best and cheapest way to eat our way through the places we visit.

To get to the Old Town, park your car in one of the parking garages at the bottom of the Old Town, and either use the elevator to go up the mountain or take a funicular ride (inexpensive) from Borgo Maggiore – the small village at the bottom of Mount Titano.

Getting lost on the small stone streets is very relaxing, but there are a few highlights you shouldn’t miss for a full San Marino experience.

However, in San Marino, you can pay a fee of 5 euros, inside the tourist office, located by the funicular stop on Mount Titano, for a pretty visa stamp.

Sales and no VAT added doesn’t mean much when everything on sale is high-end and already very expensive.We hit the jackpot at a café located between the first and second tower, called Hocus Pocus.For 6.50 euro, I ordered the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever had.She is carved in white Carrara marble and represents a warrior with one hand stretched forward, marching proudly towards the observer.Her head is crowned with three towers, standing for the fortified city of San Marino.

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