Sagitarius dating

Just like any other sign, Sagittarius zodiac sign is not compatible with all signs of the zodiac.

This is mainly because Sagittarius characteristics or Sagittarius traits do not go well with certain signs of the zodiac.

The Sagittarius man is a very dynamic, enthusiastic, and optimistic person. Dominated by Jupiter, he tends to give in to excesses.

He loves traveling and is very attached to his freedom and independence.

The fact that Sagittarius loves activity, variety and adventure would not go well with Taurus’s preferences.The Sagittarius zodiac sign which is all about fun and adventure would not be able to cope up with Virgo’s need for commitment, security and order.Moreover, the fact that Virgo’s tend to criticize literally everything and are always finding faults, would only encourage Sagittarius to back out and look for warmth and love elsewhere.In terms of a physical relationship, they are extremely good in the bedroom, since both love having an innovative, active sex life.Moreover, they are very fun and interesting to hang out with.

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