Rss feeds not updating ie7

Johnson is a Microsoft-certified master instructor and holds a bachelor's degree in communicating technology.

Somewhere along the line, my IE7 has stop automatically updating my RSS feeds.

I have a feeling that it is because it relies on IE7 and it isn't my default browser.

I also use Great News which is a portable (USB) option I have exactly the same problem with Thunderbird.

It can do the exact same things as my 3rd party reader. I have a problem with Outlook 2007 where my feeds stop updating after a few days.

Push or pull, in both cases you still need to write some piece of code to update the RSS list on your site, database or wherever you store/display it.

And, as a side question, it is not necessary to request the whole XML at every pull to see if the content has changed : using a standard that is not linked to RSS, but global to the whole HTTP protocol (etag and last-modified headers), you can know if the RSS page was modified after a given date, and grab the whole XML only if modified.

If it is not working than follow these steps for Internet Explorer 8: hey, thanks for sharing this issue here.

I just wanted to know does this steps work for Internet Explorer 7 also or its just for IE8.

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