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Thus she found herself, aged 13 and escorted by her reluctant dad, playing the supper clubs of Washington DC. "Oh, he'd propose to a lampshade - you know." I don't, but I've heard. Of course, it was a cream puff moment for me, to have him call and say let's work together. I'm here to hold my own and if I can't do that, then what am I doing?

Is it true that when she'd made her name, Led Zep lothario Robert Plant asked to sing with her? But there was another time..."She thinks for a moment, misty-eyed. "Such self-belief was partly earned during those lounge-bar years, writing her first album by day and by night, often so tired she'd fall asleep on the job, head resting on the piano, fingers playing songs by rote. And I couldn't be a piano teacher, I couldn't teach scales, I'm not that skilled." Which seems unlikely, but never mind.

She finds my name, for a woman, confusing - but sweetly offers, as if to the disabled: "I guess Glenn Close has done a lot to help awareness." Then, resplendent in silver top and dress of designer sacking, she settles into her chair and proceeds to answer questions with serenity, intelligence and style.

Which confirms the rumour that Tori has changed a bit in the last two years.

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unknown date Robert Plant dated Tori Amos.1966 - August 1983Robert Plant dated Maureen Wilson. Because an Episode shows that Beck loves staying beside Tori and devends her from Jade, And loves being around her at often times....TORI Amos is known to be wary of journalists, and probably rightly so.Freed from romantic navel-gazing, Amos now has space to address other things; for example, one of rock's hardest-working acts has started taking care of her body, which means replacing caffeine with a noxious brew of Chinese herbs, an elixir made up in Los Angeles that has apparently done wonders for Mick Jagger.Something else being reconciled is the issue of Tori's background.

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