Rj and whitney dating

To support his single mother financially, he also took several humble jobs and began appearing as an extra in several of Disney's shows.

Finally, in 2007, he won the role of School Jock in the TV series It's a matter of gossips and debate in the media about his love life.

Mitte's childhood days were really miserable, full of sad news and hardships.

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He said: "Stacy and I we had a conversation about what happened with Whitney Houston before she passed.Or that feeling where you can't help but sigh and go, "That was so fucking good"? The characters are so uniquely their own especially the main character Ox. Ox is such a fucking beautiful human being that even now, three days after I've finished it, I still think about this character. His view is short and sounds so innocent yet so sincere and sometimes so deep that one simple sentence sounds like it means a million things. How this character was had me wanting to be his sister and hug him.But Ox is strong as he is kind and I love it with all my heart. Some claims that he is in love but several other media personality denies this face.There is also no official claim about his love life.

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