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Women seldom married for love, due to the father’s personal interests in finding an ideal marriage partner, inevitably to strengthen the family’s position in the community.“Therefore, marrying into a respected house such as the Medici or Strozzi was a mark of honour and distinction, because it elevated the prospective marriage partner’s family to a higher social status.” This is proof that the father’s honour was valued more than the daughter’s personal feelings towards a potential marriage partner.However, this movement went back before it went forwards because the individuality achieved during the Renaissance flourished for the most part in men because the male-dominated society considered women too weak to rule a community or to make decisions with respect to their lives.Legally, women remained subject to men because their fathers forced them into a marriage not of their choice, society denied them a higher education, and handicapped by a judicial system that favoured men Florentine women suffered in silence.

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This essay examines the writings of Christine Klapisch-Zuber, Benjamin G Kohl, Stanley Chojnacki, Gene A Brucker, and Francesco Barbaro and their views on the position of women in Florentine society.

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In Florentine society, the family was the basic unit and blood ties were the most powerful cohesive agent.

Florentine marriages were no different in design from the culture of the early middle ages and the society of late antiquity that was so admired.

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