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I have worked daily with people going through breakups since 2005. I have learned through trial and error what brings people forward in specific situations and what throws them back.

I know what helps them in their daily life and what doesn’t.

He has given breakup advice for adults on this site since 2007. Helping people get over a breakup or divorce fast has become his life mission.

Eddie has over 13 years of experience in the field of breakup and divorce recovery and has written over 300 articles with over 27 million views overall, as well as three bestselling books.

He continuously looks for new, better ways to create the insights that helped him so much.

Every day, he answers emails, communicates with his course students, writes emails and articles, and educates himself even more on the topic.

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Of course, this is an Illusion and leads to identifying with the pain and more suffering.

In (and with my coaching), we help you overcome this obstacle by helping you to accept what happened. The next step is always the “Physical Detox”: Give yourself the opportunity to get rid of the “Ex-Toxins” by Receiving support from myself or the community forum is a cornerstone of reaching 60 days without contacting an Ex.

After the 60 days have passed, many people will have changed.

You WILL feel better and come to a new perspective about your breakup.

Then, it’s essential to do an “Emotional DETOX.”This is when you reconnect to your true self, find “hidden core-pains,” re-build self-awareness and self-esteem, and “disengage consciously.”This is the whole process I use, in a nutshell.

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