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e Pico3801 User Guide About This Document About This Document Purpose This document describes the e Pico3801 in terms of its specifications, application scenarios, initial configuration, commissioning, configuration adjustments, and routine maintenance.

Product Version The following table lists the product version related to this document.

Product Name Product Version e Pico3801 V200R011C00 Intended Audience This document is intended for: System engineers Maintenance engineers Network administrators Change History For changes in the document, see 1 Changes in the e Pico3801 User Guide.

Organization 1 Changes in the e Pico3801 User Guide This describes the changes in the e Pico3801 User Guide.

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Symbol Description Indicates a hazard with a high level of risk, which if not avoided,will result in death or serious injury.

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Convention Description Times New Roman Normal paragraphs are in Times New Roman.

6 Maintaining the e Pico3801 This chapter describes how to maintain the e Pico3801.

After the e Pico3801 is put into use, you need to perform routine maintenance on the e Pico3801 to ensure the proper running of the e Pico3801.

By enhancing ordinary indoor coverage, intensive coverage in office buildings, and hot-spot indoor coverage, the e Pico3801 eliminates indoor dead zones and shares the load on the macro network.

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