Parvati shallow dating adam gentry

Don't you think he could also be that slave of an emperor who takes him to his countryside villa to have a little privacy while he commands Burton to pound him? Yeah, no, I think I have way too much imagination and I should just keep it in my pants.

Don't you just want to see him wear a toga and get serviced by a slave?

#14 Michael Jefferson • Survivor: One World I have a thing for hot douchebags. #13 Colby Donaldson • Survivor: The Australian Outback / Survivor: All-Stars / Survivor: Heroes VS Villains Well as hot as he was on All-Stars and especially on Australian Outback, he lost a lot of his charm on Hv V, because he was just a watered-down version of himself.

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#07 Charlie Herschel • Survivor: Gabon A lot of the guys on this list attract me in a very sexual way, but it's not exactly Charlie's case.

He also gets personality points in my book because of his adorkable-ness.

I rewatched Micro recently and I had a hard time not thinking about what his penis looks like.

The fact that he's called Brian probably makes me draw a parallel with the character of Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk...

I picture that kind of guy who is great at sex, and only has one night stands, and doesn't give a shit about his partners.

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