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You may find you are LEFT with the RIGHT business of your very own.

As I said before, if you aren’t playing some type of game at your party, you are missing out.

From nursery rhymes to bible stories, nostalgia to cliches, this pack will have something for everyone. The Candle Rose Dating is my favorite game for taking the anxiety out of asking for a show. Pick out the templates that you love the most, and have a bunch of those made to use at your shows.

-23 Games w/ Instructions -20 Colorful Templates for Games The Candle Rose Dating Game In order to demonstrate at a fantastic party, you first need to recruit guests to become future hostesses. You can either put them in a portable file, or use more sheet protectors. Keep your Party Games for Consultants Binder with you for every show…you never know WHEN you’ll need to pick one out in a hurry!

Free party games are definitely a great way to build your business.

Add the following free games to your direct sales arsenal.

-8 Games w/ Instructions -3 Colorful Templates for Games Looking to add a little holiday cheer to your regular games? Have them blindly draw really silly pictures – and compare their skills with one another.

This set of Holiday Games has you covered for Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and more. -6 Games w/ Instructions -2 Colorful Templates for Optional Prizes One big thing your games should accomplish is getting your guests to pay attention to what you are saying.

When she LEFT she knew she had found a fit that was RIGHT. She started booking parties RIGHT away, and my how it changed her life. RIGHT LEFT his worries behind as money started rolling in.In this game, you have everyone sit or stand in a circle. They could be anything, but I recommend that they be products that you offer or something that could be used towards an order such as auction bucks (if you have an auction theme) or a gift certificate. Tell your guests that you are going to tell them a story and that every time they hear the word ‘left’, whoever is holding a gift must pass it to the person on their left.The same thing goes for when they hear the word ‘right’ (they pass it to the right).Now that you’ve got those all filed away, don’t you wish there was an easier way?I mean, cutting and pasting into a document, creating template, making it all look nice. Why not pick up the chapters that you feel your guests will enjoy below?

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