Paramedics dating nurses

The varied geography, flora and fauna, topography, including long coastlines and incredible mountains, make Chile a marvelous place for tourists. Political unrest lasted about 30 years from about 1960 until 1990, but since then Chile has been stable and prosperous.With its economic prosperity in the last 30 years, Chile has benefits internally by making infrastructure a priority for its citizens.

Professional nurses are taught to pay attention to details, but at the same time not lose sight of the big picture.Nursing shortages are often only part of social and cultural struggle worldwide, related to poverty, political instability, repressive regimes, religious intolerance, and racism.As technology, science, social media, and world travel transform our world into an ever smaller global village, a conscious awareness of the day-to-day reality in unstable nations is crucial for global understanding at both a human and professional level.In the US, we tend to think of nursing education as an opportunity for personal betterment, professionally and financially, but nursing education has much wider impact.The choice of a specialization, for instance, is not just a matter of personal preference; it can be part of meeting a worldwide need.

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