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Video Lady D must be particularly annoyed with this muscular fellow, since she administers cane strokes starting at the top of his buttocks all the way down to his calves. Those welts are going to be very embarrassing when he showers at the gym later.Gallery Clare Fonda demonstrates how a domestic hairbrush, applied soundly to the seat of learning, has a truly remarkable effect on a young man’s attitude and behavior.

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) We suspect that when her father’s away, this privileged young miss rules the family estate with an iron fist, and that she whips both the servants and her lovers with equal enthusiasm. Come here and remove my boots.” Why tell the world to “Have a Nice Day” or “Keep on Truckin'” when you can give the random people you encounter a little thrill (especially if they’re closeted spankophiles) by proudly proclaiming your fetish on your chest?

If that doesn’t do the trick, she has other kitchen utensils close at hand which can deliver even more severe punishment. The English Governess presents a free nine-minute F/M corporal punishment movie, featuring a strict headmistress, her extra-thick punishment strap, a heavy leather tawse and a very unfortunate male offender, who is severely thrashed for his misdeeds.

Video The photo set has some very nice portraits of an irritated Miss Audrey, as well as shots of her reddening an unfortunate fellow’s backside with both her seasoned hand and a hairbrush-shaped wooden paddle.

There’s no point in begging to keep your underwear on.

Delaying the punishment just makes Miss Lina even madder!

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