Optically stimulated luminescence dating cost

Similarly, inaccurate estimates of pore water salinity will dramatically affect the results.

With the assistance of Fugro UK we have developed a method for converting the measured water content to a time-averaged water content for each sample.

The total absorbed dose (termed De, measured in units of Gy) is measured using standard luminescence dating procedures (Murray and Wintle, 2000).The limiting factor in the age range for luminescence dating is the 'saturation' of the signal at large dose rates (i.e. Accurate age determination therefore becomes increasingly difficult for older samples and there is a loss in dating precision (an increase in statistical uncertainty).The point at which a sample becomes saturated depends on the dose rate of the sample.Stimulating samples using infrared light causes luminescence, the intensity of which varies depending on the amount of radiation absorbed.Exposure to sunlight resets the luminescent signature and so the time period since the sediment was buried can be calculated.

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