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This flag when set to true, allows it to be distributed (Note/Fun Fact: There’s a separate and different flag for older Exchange versions where the OAB is inside of the Public Folder Store).There’s also a different flag “Global Web Distribution Enabled”, which is recommended to be enabled as well on Exchange 2016.

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Could not find directory \E2K7EXCS02\Exchange OABdc5977-0a50-4506-ad04-7081c945f618. This is normal if the directory has never been generated.

The file location is correct and shows where the current OAB files are.

I verified the file location manually but also noticed the date discrepancy (the blue rectangles in the above image) which shows the date the attempted download was made (upper left) and the date of the files (lower right).

Sure enough, when I look at the CAS virtual OAB directory, there's nothing in there.

It hasn't been able to retrieve them from the Mailbox servers.

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