Novak djokovic dating anna

She has such a great personality, very calm and very positive. Maybe one day, he says, he could be a singer, or an actor.

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Perhaps that partly explains why Djokovic is so keen to be an ambassador for his homeland. Tonight, every seat is filled, and every person present - little boy, teenage girl, adult male - seems to have a fairly open crush on 'Nole', as they call him here.

Until their recent successes, tennis ranked lower on the sporting consciousness here than volleyball, handball and water polo. I still don't have the right breathing on the court, exhaling when you're hitting the ball. I was in the hospital and for three days I couldn't breathe because I had things in my nose, it was terrible. Alongside him sit his two younger brothers, teenager Marko and year-old Djordje, both promising players. When someone asks him who his tennis idols are, he replies: But I like myself the best.

Now it is challenging football and basketball as the country's most popular sport. He has not been playing and I haven't seen him for a while. You lose a lot of energy if you're not breathing right. But the surgeon was from Italy and he knows how to do the job really well. It is hard to imagine in what way punctilious Pete might have inspired such an extrovert. But as soon as I see Jelena today I'm going to ask her what's going on.

Grown men hurl themselves down the stadium steps to get closer. I wouldn't, because they're both playing great tennis.

The four greet one another as the old friends they are; Djokovic, living up to his heart-throb role, offers Ana an elaborate bow that ends on bended knee. Although they played at different clubs, Djokovic has practised and played with Ivanovic since they were five years old. She's attracting people wherever she goes because she's very bright and people recognise it and respect her. But I could never play with her per cent serious because I laugh with her more than anyone else. At the end of the evening, Djokovic and Tipsarevic join the band to sing a popular, though puzzling, song about friendship sample lyrics: Djokovic's voice is not what you would call tuneful, but right now he could release a recording of his tooth-brushing routine and still have a number-one hit.

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