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The police arrested two Nigerian men and two local women in Cape Town last night after they organised a sting operation .

Western Cape Hawks spokesperson, Robert Netshiunda, says police started the investigation after receiving complaints from victims of an online dating scam last year.

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But he rarely made a dime, instead losing millions to African con artists pitching pyramid-type schemes.This article points out that one reason this kind of fraud is so safe for the scamsters is that many people do not report that they have been defrauded. From the e-mail I've received, this web page seems to have helped several people avoid these scams. See Meet the Nigerian E-Mail Grifters by Michelle Delio, Wired News, July 17, 2002 As with any financial endeavor, the bank scammers expect to make more money than they spend on Internet accounts and spamming.At the point where they drop into the red, they should, in theory disappear.24, 2002) recounts the story of Ann Marie Poet, a 59-year-old secratery who embezzled .1 million (US) from her employer, a law firm. Poet fell for the "advance fee" scam and believed that these funds were being used to pay fees and bribes. Whitacre, who was a very well compensated Vice President at ADM.She believed that the money she "borrowed" would be paid back from the .5 million she would receive after million was moved from the South African Ministry of Mining into her bank account. Poet will probably be spending some time as a guest of the United States Federal Government. As happens to all of us, the years were marching on for Ms. She may have been thinking of retirement and despaired at the though of how this could ever happen on the salary the law firm paid her.

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