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Hi All, I have a user control that displays a shopping cart using a datagrid on several pages.Web Form and Web User Control Hello, I have a Web User Control (ascx) that includes a button. what i am trying to do is that i want the control to pick a datasource from the markup and then check whether its an xml file or a datatable. /**************************Data Source Class****************************/ public class Data Source { /// /// This will be the Datasource ID e...Web User Control Not rendering in Web Form I have created a Web User control that is made up of a Multiview with 2 views inside the Multiview.User controls have to be created as DLL's to be used in other projects and this version won't create DLL libraries "out of the box." It's a lot more trouble, but you can use techniques described in this article to learn how to get around this problem.This isn't everything you need to do to move the control into production for other people, but that's another subject!

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