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Go further East into the Kalahari Desert and you can trek with the bushmen of the Kalahari, whose way of life is being threatened.The Kalahari is Namibia’s second desert and is more of a fossil desert with acacia trees and tall grass due to the rain that falls here. There are plenty of opportunity to try new dishes in the country.Namibia allows you the privacy of remote lodges so if you solo travel in Namibia and want to meet others, choose hostels where you’ll find other travellers on their way to and from Victoria Falls.There’s something so special about Namibia; its diverse tribes, its stunning desert, skeleton coast and its quirky German towns.

But there is life here at the Skeleton Coast Park where you can see game such as black rhino, elephants and cheetahs or visit the cape fur seals at Cape Cross Seal Reserve if you prefer tamer animals.Swakopmund is the adventure capital of Namibia and you can do any kind of extreme sport here from skydiving, paragliding, quad biking and sand boarding down the dunes – this is the place to do it.Swakopmund is the country’s biggest coastal town and is a mecca for the locals on holiday.Originally descendants from East Africa they settled as cattle ranchers and now live in modern houses in the townships.The tour gives plenty of opportunity to meet the locals and you can visit the town’s Herbalist and even the Chief before getting taken to one of the 200 bars to try the local cuisine of fried caterpillars and bean curd (it’s all part of the experience!

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