Myspace dating app

"You're constantly churning people through the business," Mc Leod says.

"As a result you have to think, ' How can we keep these people in the pipeline longer?

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'"But Hinge, he says, attracts the majority of its users through word of mouth.

That means Mc Leod is more concerned about ensuring the app is something people will continue to tell their friends about than he is about keeping a given user that he paid to advertise to.

Click on the image of your friend either in the friend stream on the main page, from the bottom toolbar or from speech bubble icon on the bottom toolbar.

Mc Leod sees it, Tinder is the My Space of the mobile dating world and Hinge, the app he started, is the Facebook. And now, Mc Leod has a fresh round of funding to make that dream come true.

The app capitalizes on the swell of activity in the mobile dating space, that began with Tinder's launch back in 2012.

But Hinge has a unique premise: it only connects users who have mutual friends on Facebook.

On Thursday, Hinge announced it has raised an additional million, which will fund Hinge's already rapid expansion into new cities, including the launch of its first international outpost in London this February.

This year alone, Hinge has expanded to 24 new cities, and it has experienced 500 percent growth in its user base since January.

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