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The simple fact is, there could be a perfectly good explanation and talking it out could rectify the situation.

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At first, he replied that he has a couple of times, and then when I was unsure whether he was being honest, I asked again and he then said a couple of times a week.The thing is that it’s now really niggling at me and I feel like he’s broken my trust.I feel like I’m in the “normal” (whatever that is) range of trusting partners, even though my last relationship of 9 years ended when he left me out of the blue for another girl (I know this is probably and subconsciously a fear of mine that this will happen again in a relationship, as it was such a shock).However, if you find you just can’t shake it, you might want to consider another kind of talk (that is, the kind that defines the relationship).The easiest and quickest way to meet people in your area looking for a relationship is to sign up for a dating site like We Love Dates. Did you already have the conversation to deactivate all your profiles?

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