Muslim dating rituals

The groom’s father gives gifts as payment for the girl’s hand in marriage and later the groom sends even more gifts which include jewelry and clothing to bride’s family.

On the third day of the day the new couple consummate their union either alone or with other newly-married couples in a communal wedding chamber.

During their marriage and courtship celebrations the young men and women spend a lot of time painting and adorning their bodies in a bid to attract members of the opposite sex.

The Surma have two options when it comes to their own wedding rituals.

Gifts include clothes, jewelry, a calabash, and more.While the girls are dancing, the king will drop his shield in front of the ones whose dancing he likes or whose beauty catches his eye.The official of which ones will become his wives will be made later on in the year… (Yes, this is very generalized but a lot of the African wedding rituals in this region follow this tradition) The groom-to-be first declares his intentions to his father, grandfather, or uncle who then, if he is in agreement, meets with the father of the “intended” bride-to-be.The elders will then collectively decide if the wedding is to be or not to be.Kola nuts are offered and exchanged to seal the deal as well as to celebrate when the official wedding announcement is made.

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