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Numerous calls from Pittsburgh convinced James to go to Pennsylvania, where he met Mack and Chuck Rubin, who handled the talent bookings for Mack's dance clubs.Before long, all three major music trade papers, Billboard, Cashbox and Record World, were listing "Hanky Panky" as a regional breakout hit.WLS secretly recorded the music when James played his tape for them.By the time James was out of the building and in the car, its radio was playing the station's dub of the not-yet-finished song.James, who co-wrote all three of those songs, and his band did well enough with the transition to be invited to perform at Woodstock.

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Mack made his dance club bands available to James, but nothing seemed to fit until one of the bands' guitarists took James to the Thunderbird Lounge in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The Raconteurs became the new Shondells, After a few comings and goings of members, the classic lineup of James, Eddie Gray (guitar), Mike Vale (bass), Ron Rosman (keyboards) and Pete Lucia (drums) was formed.Tommy James and the Shondells also produced a "Mony Mony" video when the song was a hit.Even though a number of musical groups had already produced videos by that time, there was no market at all for that film in the US.The only thing James and his new Shondells were aware of when they entered the recording studio for the first time is that whatever they recorded should sound similar to "Hanky Panky", although the two songs sound nothing alike.Mack played The Fireballs record for the group, and they decided to record their version of the song.

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