Minecraft updating minecraft done loading

For everything else bees can do and more in this update, check out the full patch notes.

I get the black screen and then get kicked back to my start page. I updated a few hours ago and now when I try to open the game, I get a black screen for about 15 seconds, then it just goes back to my homescreen. Same problem here on my galaxy s tab 3..played most of the day and it was fine.

Adjustments to villager behavior, the new sieges, and some multiplayer settings changes are the highlights.

For access to the full patch notes including bugfixes, check here.

Today there are two versions of Minecraft still being updated, each with millions of players: Minecraft Java, the original, and Minecraft Bedrock, the modern version built to run across Windows, mobile, and consoles.

Minecraft Bedrock is still playing catch-up with Java's features, but it's getting there.

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